Rest of the season?

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Re: Rest of the season?

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I think the plaque came before he joined the board ( he was then chairman of the FA). This will be covered in the new book but the idea was to use his contacts to help the club and a new business plan was written around that time. Nothing came of it though.
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Re: Rest of the season?

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It looks like the non-league restructure is going ahead.

I don't know whether that includes increasing the number of teams in NLN and NLS to 24, or not:

The FA Alliance & Leagues committees have recommended that the non-league restructure takes place.

Under the proposal 110 clubs at Steps 5-7 will be 'upwardly moved' (20 at Step 5, 60 at Step 6, 30 at Step 7).

Here's the proposed timeline for the next stages of the process:
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