Slough at home Monday.

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Re: Slough at home Monday.

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Hi all,

I don't usually post the match albums on here, but there are quite a few fan pics today so want to make sure as many people as possible who might be in them get a chance to see, and I know there are folks on here who don't use social media: ... 18068.html


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Re: Slough at home Monday.

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The midfield is interesting..Deadfield, Gray and Miller-Rodney are very good and will compete with anyone. Shane Dunne is very tidy and effective and him moving to play central midfield in the second half really tightened things up and he stopped Kuhl and their 17 being so effective as they ran it in the first 45mins. Imran Ulche is also a presence and is good on the ball though positionally today I thought he was off the pace. So you could make a case for keeping all of them. Dronfield hasn't really played much recently and McKnight must have left. We haven't replaced Gondohs creativity and goal threat though and Barzey and Allan have showed promise he is still a big miss. So not sure the midfield needs a complete overall unless some very very good players become available.
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Re: Slough at home Monday.

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His summary of the game much in keeping with ours.
Interesting interview, he says much the same as Gary reference budgets and the difficulty in getting in good strikers. He made the point that relegated Billericay had a bigger budget than him.
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Re: Slough at home Monday.

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I'm quite a fan of Baker and Underwood who have done brilliantly at Slough. I wonder if a different club would give them a chance to show what they might achieve with a bigger budget. Doesn't sound like they are going to get one at Slough.
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