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Re: Season tickets

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TW2-Beaver wrote: Thu Jun 16, 2022 6:40 pm Could I ask which email address/person the code came from? Still not had mine so will chase it up. Also, I think the website said there would be a physical card for collection at your first home match.
The email came from (via Mailchimp)
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Re: Season tickets

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Pricing seems pretty reasonable for season tickets.
Junior is bang on, would have been good if Youth was the same to really encourage teenagers, who could come with their mates like a lot of us did, and then get the bug, then when hitting 18 start spending behind the bar etc.

I don't get the £15 on the gate, but £14 in advance.
Online sale will lose transaction fees, and the big thing about non league is people on the day deciding to go.
I think if you pay £14 quid to get in, with the £1 change you get, you then chuck it in the golden goal or raffle anyway, as it's still in your hand as you walk past the stand.

What some clubs do which I think is great, is a "flexi ticket" where you get a discounted rate for maybe 10 games, as you may not be committed to going to every game, or may have a season ticket at a pro club. That could be worth adding.
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